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“Lady Tinbough’s Dilemma (Campbell & MacPherson 1)”

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This is the first novel in a light-hearted mystery series set in Georgian-era Edinburgh.

Ishbel Campbell is used to being alone. She attends university lectures at a time when women are told to think solely of marriage and family. Ewan MacPherson is used to a simple life, focused on balls and other entertainments. When they meet, he feels an instant attraction for her and she finds in him someone who seems to understand her as no one else ever has.

Ishbel’s fearsome cousin, Harriette, orders the pair to find the missing emerald necklace belonging to her friend, Lady Tinbough. Neither of them has any idea where to start, managing to insult half of Edinburgh’s upper classes and make their household staff think they are insane.

The case soon grows more sinister when they discover that a young woman, who might have been the thief, is missing. As the danger rises and jealousies and insecurities threaten their partnership, will they be able to solve the mystery in time or will the criminal’s deadly attentions turn on them?

Given 5 stars on Amazon, reviewers have called this book “outstanding”, said “the character development was fantastic” and “Ishbel Campbell and Ewan MacPherson are a great team”.

“The Dead Duke (Campbell & MacPherson 2”

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When Ishbel and Ewan take on the case of a duke supposedly murdered by his actress mistress, Lady Huntly threatens to disown Ishbel while Edinburgh’s upper classes are appalled, and that is before the duo even begin looking into the reasons why the wealthiest members of society might have wanted the duke dead.

As they continue to uncover secrets others want to remain hidden, their own relationship is threatened by the public discovery of a scandal from Ishbel’s past. Is her repeated refusal to follow society’s conventions about to ruin her life as well as her partnership with Ewan, and will they ever manage to solve the mystery of who murdered the duke?

“A Dangerous Past (Campbell & MacPherson 3”

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When Ishbel agrees to help her lady’s maid, Lucy, discover why a friend was killed, Ishbel must find a way to end the estrangement between herself and Ewan so they can work together again. Unwilling to let her face risks alone, Ewan consents to help her, but he remains hurt and angry at the way she previously treated him.

Morag Duncan, who was murdered in an alleyway, turns out to have been involved in selling stolen goods and, as keen as Ishbel and Ewan are to solve the crime, there is someone else who is equally determined to stop them.

As the danger increases, Ishbel and Ewan’s personal relationship improves until the arrival of Ewan’s sister, who wants him to end his investigations into crimes as well as his association with Ishbel. Torn between his love for his sister and for Ishbel, what will Ewan decide?

“The Convenient Murder (Campbell & MacPherson 4)”

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How do you solve a murder that pleases everyone except the victim?

The unconventional Georgian-era detectives, Ishbel and Ewan, have a new murder to investigate when Lord Strand is poisoned at a house where their friends, Miss Chiverton and McDonald, are staying.

Miss Chiverton seems determined that the murder be solved, so why is she hiding important information about it? Lord Strand’s relatives all appear more relieved than grief-stricken over the death and everyone who ever met the man seems to have hated him, so the list of suspects is endless.

In the meantime, Miss Chiverton’s father is determined that she should make a decision about who to marry or he will choose for her. The man who is desperately in love with her is the last person she wants and all she can focus on is helping to solve the murder.

As events grow more hazardous, lives change and not everyone will emerge unscathed.

“Mr Guthrie’s Double (Campbell & MacPherson 5)”

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A killer is about to strike, but which Mr Guthrie is he after?

The Georgian-era Scottish detectives, Ishbel and Ewan, are given a bizarre new case when they have to hunt down an imposter who has been falsely claiming to be Mr Guthrie.

The real Mr Guthrie is a likeable man from a wealthy family who wins the affection of Miss Chiverton. This complicates everyone’s lives as Ewan’s friend, Mr McDonald, also loves her and her family only approves of Mr McDonald as a suitor. This means that Miss Chiverton will face a difficult decision about her future.

The case soon grows more strange and more deadly when a corpse is found, but it won’t be the last death as Ishbel and Ewan desperately work to uncover the reason for the impersonator’s deception.

Discover excitement, mystery and romance in the fifth book of this historical detective series.


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This is a lighthearted Georgian era romance where, in the hunt for the right gentleman, nothing works out as intended.  If you are a fan of Georgette Heyer novels, you will love this.

Amelia Daventry dreams of having the lovely clothes and luxuries her family cannot afford.  She intends to use her Edinburgh season to get herself the wealthiest and most powerful husband she can find.  The one thing of which she is certain is that Mr Brightford, with his constant frowns and criticisms, is a man she would never consider.

Amelia’s best friend, Lottie Harrington, has found the man she wants to marry and just wishes to live quietly and make him happy.  Her hopes are about to be destroyed, causing pain and chaos to herself and everyone around her.

Lottie’s headstrong brother, Benjamin Harrington, has romantic feelings for other men but his parents still expect him to marry.  When he meets a man he can love he faces difficult choices but does the gentleman even return his affection?

From suffering heartbreak and tragedy to fighting a duel, the lives of these three friends are about to become extremely complicated…

One UK Amazon reviewer describes “Complications” as “impressive” while another said it is “as fun as a ride in a barouche with Lizzie Bennet”.

“An Impetuous Romance”

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Will Adam bring Eloise happiness or break her heart?

Miss Eloise Preston has led a quiet, rather dull life in Somerset with her family until she meets Lord Adam Delworth, who seems perfect in every way, like a picture-book hero. She is thrilled when he shows an interest in her, unaware that he is in the countryside after having his offer of marriage to someone else turned down.

To get Eloise and her sisters out of a dangerous situation, Adam asks her to marry him and, wrongly believing that he loves her, she happily agrees.

They go to London and enter the complex world of upper-class society, where Adam encounters the beautiful, sophisticated woman who was his first love, who now regrets losing him.

Torn between the two women, will Adam betray Eloise and destroy the happy life they have built together?