1. Evelyn Weiss

    Love your blog. Joan Hickson WAS Miss Marple. Every nuance of her acting the part was pitch-perfect. And the other parts, down to Colonel Bantry with his pigs, were always beautifully done.
    Same for Suchet, I think. He inhabited the Poirot role. Hugh Fraser was also a brilliant Hastings, and Pauline Moran was superb as Miss Lemon.
    Worth a mention in your blog: Kenneth More’s Father Brown (the new Mrk Williams Father Brown is more of a pastiche tribute than a genuine retelling of Chesterton).

    • Clare Jayne

      Thanks very much for your comments, Evelyn, and I agree completely about the wonderful actors in “Miss Marple” and “Poirot”. I somehow missed Kenneth More’s version of “Father Brown” so I’ll look out for that.

      • Evelyn Weiss

        Thanks Clare! I forgot to say about the Inspector Alleyn Mysteries which are true in spirit, I think, to the more theatrical (contrived?) nature of Ngaio Marsh’s books. They are very entertaining but sometime verge onto Midsomer Murders territory (not always a bad thing! – can be great fun). E.g. as I’m sure you know, “Scales of Justice” turns on whether an angler has caught one particular trout in a stream!

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